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Mitch Seekins

      Mitch Seekins, a professional singer for over 20 years has been engaged in performing Pop, Rock, and R&B in nightclubs from coast to coast in Canada. In 1996, Mitch was encouraged to make a cross over into classical music. He has since performed in Operas by Puccini, Mozart and many others. Realizing that his first love is pop music he made a transition back into the pop field…but this time, he was able to combine both popular and classical musical styles, enabling him to sing a broad range of material without compromise.

     Performing the music of Andrea Bocelli was a perfect marriage of both the pop and opera genres showcasing his abilities and makes Mitch one of the few artists able to do this convincingly.
Mitch then began to sing a few of the Frank Sinatra standards at his shows and the audience response was overwhelming.  Mitch has a wonderful richness in the bottom end of his voice that carries through this music perfectly! Michael Bublé working along with David Foster has recreated wonderful arrangements of the old standards and has become extremely popular worldwide. (David Foster, as a side note, has also produced Andrea Bocellis new pop CD) The idea of “Bublé to Bocelli” is really in response to the demands of audiences wanting to hear (they actually dance and sing along) those old standards with lively arrangements, but then also asking to hear great renditions of Andrea Bocelli’s music - Time to Say Goodbye, The Prayer, Besemé Mucho and others. A show featuring the music of these two artists makes for a wonderful event, full of energy, humor and class all at the same time. Demographically, all ages are covered! From 8 to 80, as Mitch puts it…everyone seems to love it!

     Mitch will be recording a new CD in the coming months featuring the great old classics and will release it 2007. A few radio stations have already expressed an interest in playing material from the new CD as soon as it’s ready!

     Mitch has been hired as a session vocalist for many Television and Radio Jingles (Canada and the U.S.), major record label releases, independent releases, and demos.

     In addition to Mitch’s credits as a classical and contemporary vocalist, he is also the founder of his own vocal school, where he has instructed internationally known artists such as Margo Timmins of the Cowboy Junkies, and well-known independent artists such as Emm Gryner, two-time 2002 Juno award winner Hawksley Workman, Juno award winner Carlos Morgan and many others.


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